Notes from a Machinist

I'm late to the party. Again.


I’ve been using Kindle e-readers since sometime before 2010, but my latest one, a Kindle Oasis, just wasn’t doing it for me. It was glitchy. When I went to wake it back up, I would very often find that the font size had changed or the page had changed. It needed charging every 4 days (and that was with wifi off). The backlight seemed to randomly adjust itself and I would often turn it on at night and would need to find some other light so I could turn on the backlight. Continue reading

Using Awk to Bore Deep Holes

Introduction I’ve been making stator housings for underwater thrusters, in 316 stainless steel. I use Fusion 360 to create tool paths, and am generally happy with it, but needed a bit of extra software this time. You can see an some of the interiors after the first operation in the photo above. They are fairly deep and I wanted a fairly rigid (i.e. thick) boring bar after drilling it out to two inches wide. Continue reading

Implicit Buttons Are Cool

I recently learned about hyperbole and its support for ‘implicit buttons’ and it helps me solve something in emacs. In my work as a machinist, I track a lot of things using org roam, including parts, which have part numbers that follow a specific syntax. They look something like: A123BC456D. Often enough I want to create a separate org roam entry for a part, but I don’t necessarily want to go looking for places where the part number appears to create links to that entry. Continue reading